Our Mission

The Charlotte Urbanists Mission is to combat destructive suburban norms by advocating for sustainable, sensible, and equitable urban practices and policies.

Our Vision

The Charlotte Urbanists Vision is for Charlotte to be a thriving city with functioning transit, zero pedestrian fatalities, and affordable housing for all members of the community.

Our Values

Charlotte Urbanists believe that great cities are cities where people can meet their daily needs via walking or cycling in a safe and pleasant manner.
Transit Wealth
Charlotte Urbanists believe that great cities have transit that is prioritized over private motor vehicles, is pleasant to use, and have reliable, frequent service.
Public Spaces
Charlotte Urbanists believe that great cities are rich in public spaces and pathways where every citizen is allowed to dwell and inhabit without expectation of payment.
Charlotte Urbanists believe that removing barriers for dense, multi-family housing is an essential element in the path to providing Charlotteans with affordable, flexible housing.

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